Furley Frameware

Furley Frameware

Furley Frameware is a bolted transportation frame suitable for products to be transported either inside or on top. Frameware is designed to be resized for various loads, and can be flat packed and stacked while not in use. All frames are designed in accordance with AISC calculations, DNV 2.22, BS EN 1993-1 2005: Eurocode 3, and verified with finite element analysis and live testing. All designs are produced in accordance with the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

- Custom Design Solutions to your load and size specifications

- Built to order

- Manufactured using S355J2

- Painted to customer specification

- Each frame individually Proof Load tested in accordance with DNV 2.22

- Transport loads considered as standard: 1.5g vertical, 0.5g lateral and longitudinal

- Transport via land, sea or air

- Fast and easy to assemble

- Environmentally responsible

- Onsite support and training

- Storage solutions available

UK Patent Office Registered Design No: 6048461